The 43rd Armourers

The Armourers were billetted in N21 from May 1961 during ITS then moved on to N13 in October 1961 until their pass-out in December 1962​.

43rd Entry Armourers RAF St. Athan Glamorgan
N Lines, D Flight, 2 Squadron, 1 Wing (East Camp)
Entry Dates: 29th May 1961 to 13th December 1962
Most we know but can you name the three centre-rear outside N21?

Clive Atkey, Bob Bailey, Denis Crawford, Dave Clark.  (4) (In adjacent billet)
Brian “Taff” Davies, Dave Dawson, John Ellery, Derek “Fritz” Forth, Richard “Ben” Franklin, Mick Hammond, “Porky” Harrison?, Mick Joyce, Don Macphie, Peter “Rocky” Martin, Mick Mercer, Ken Poole, Keith “Yank” Reading, (R) “Geordie”?, John Riley, Peter “Snowy” Sanderson, John “Red” Skelton?, Peter Stevens.     (18) (N21/N13)
There were possibly 2 who did not complete the Initial Training Squadron stage. I do not have their names but I have underlined them as “Harrison” & “Geordie Lad”.


​​13 for Sports Afternoon, I. T. S. Phase, Summer 1961.
          Front Row: Mick Hammond, Peter “Rocky” Martin, Mick Mercer. (3)
          Second Row: Peter “Snowy” Sanderson, Derek “Fritz” Forth. (2)
          Third Row: Keith “Yank” Reading, Richard “Ben” Franklin, Don Macphie, Ken Poole. (4)
          Rear Row: “Geordie Lad”?, John “Red” Skelton?, “?Harrison”?, Dave Dawson. (4)

Left to Right: Peter Stevens, Don Macphie, Mick Mercer, Ken Poole, Ken ? (Lbe 41st), John Ellery, Keith "Yank" Reading

​Apologies for the poor picture  quality. They are copies of copies.