Others of the 43rd Entry

Some Other Trades from 43rd St Athan Entry 
McMullan, “Paddy”, W. J. Roy (W/O Boy), Elec. (ground)
Belding, Alan D, (F/S Boy), Airframe
 Watts, “Jock” ?Bob, (Sgt/B/E), Engines.

OTHER NAMES (Achievers)

Papps, Bob, (L/B/E), M.T.M.
Dalton, P. K. (C/B/E), N/K
Phillips, P. K. (C/B/E), Inst.
Bull, R. S. (C/B/E), N/K
Grayson, J. T. (L/B/E), N/K
Pugh, J. T. (L/B/E), N/K
Duffy, J. A. (L/B/E), Elec. (Drum Major)
Hanks, G. (B/E), N/K (trumpet major)
Roberts, W. A. (B/E), Welder, (Pipe Major)
Smith, T. (L/B/E), Engines
Cooper, P., Engines
Wheeler, S., Engines
Pond, M. W., Elec.
Burgess, M. K., Airframe
Hunt, B. H., Elec. (Air)
Smith, R. J., Elec. (Ground)
Miles, R., M.T.M.
Johnson, K. E. G., Safety Equip.
Phillips, M. J., Carpenter
Roberts, W. A., Welder/Turner.

Instrument Mechanics of D Flight are:
From (N11 maybe) : Joe Bean, Ed Borsey, Roger Brown, Claypole, Graham "Chick" Curtis (D), Andy Dewhurst, Bas Hyde (D), Ron "Jock" Leckie, Geary, (Alan Westrup’s cousin), Graham Hide (D)Rick Meopham, Ken Musgrave (12)
(And N12?) Rogers, Hugh Roache, Vincent O'Neill, Pete K. Phillips, Mick Robinson, Tinman (D), Barry Toomes, Garry Vaughan (D), Watson, Al Westrup (D), William "Jock" Wilson, Peter Winn, Young.  (Mick Robinson, left just after ITS)​ (14) [26 Total]

   Mechanical Transport & Carpenters   of B Flight are:
Morris Brand, Bill Crozier, Bill Downes, Jim Ferguson,  John Flood, Steve Foreman, Bill Hollins, Bill Ingram, Ian Miles, Colin A Morley, Bob Papps, Bill Pert, Ian Roland, John Sadlier, Bob Scott, Dave Shirley, Derek Simpson, Mervyn Unwin (D), and John Wright. (19)

Dave Beales, Ray Davies, J. (?) Fisher (Jock), S. Marks (Paddy), John Phillips,  Dave Shaw, R. Sims (Taff?) & Chris Trounson. (8)


Airframes & Engines
Alan Belding, M. K. Burgess.

  Dave Atkinson, John Barrow, Ian Beale, Geoff Bowden, Mick Burgess, Tom Calvert, Mick Copeland, Geoff Fellows, Rick Grant, Mick Perkins, Paddy Scullion, Mike Watson, Stuart Watson, Steven Wheeler.

Electrics (Air then Grd.)

B.H. Hunt, M.W. Pond. 

J.A. Duffy, Paul King, "Paddy" Leach, Roy McMullan, A.J. Smith.

Others (trades unsure or not known) are:-
Derek Austin, Geoff Diggle, Mick Mayhew, 'Taff' Morgan, Colin (?) Morgan & Pete Slack, John Ward
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42nd 43rd & 44th Instrument Mechanics 1962