43rd Entry RAF St. Athan

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Welcome to the 43rd RAF boy entrants of the 1960s who trained at RAF Saint Athan Glamorgan South Wales.

Are you also ex 43rd Entry RAF St. Athan? Let us know.

Left File:
                                                John Wright (MTM)                Bill Ingram? (MTM)                   John Sadlier (MTM)

About Boy Entrants

THE ENTRIES from 1960 to the Last Entry.
There whilst we were there.
39th              Jan ‘60 to    Jul ‘61
40th      24th May ’60 to 28th Nov ‘61
41st               Oct ’60 to  ?Apr ‘62 
42nd     23rd Jan ’61 to   25th Jul ‘62
43rd      28th May ’61 to 13th Dec ‘62
44th      27th Sep ’61 to   4th Apr ‘63      
45th      22nd Jan ’62 to   16th Jul ‘63
46th               May ’62 to    Dec ’63         
47th       25th Sep ‘62 to   11th Apr ‘64
           After we left Saint Athan:
48th                Jan ’63 to      Jul ‘64
49th       13th May ’63 to 9th Dec ‘64
50th                 Oct ’63 to       ?Apr ‘65
51st                  Jan ’64 to         Jul ’65         Last Boy Entrant Entry        

Do you know the actual dates of the other Entries? Let us know.  


      43rd NCO Boys September 1962                                                                        Trainee Mechanical Transport Mechanics  (9 0f 19)

F: Alan Belding, Don Macphie, Paddy McMullen, N/K, N/K.                               F: Ian Rowland, Bill Pert, Morris Brand, Bob Scott               (Airframe)      (Armament)     (Ground Elect)                                           
M: Bob Papps, N/K, N/K, Dave Shirley, Keith Reading.                  R: Bob Papps, Jim Ferguson, David Shirley, John Wright, Ian Miles
    (Mech Trans)                    (Mech Trans)   (Armament)
R:               N/K,               N/K.
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